It's Important to Know your competition!

Do you know why families in your community choose you instead of your competitors?  

Do you know how families perceive the differences in your pricing and services?

Are you getting more and more calls from “shoppers”? 

Do you know how your competitors handle inquiries; what information they send out to people who inquire about their services; how they communicate their strengths to the community?

What can we learn from a competitive shop?

Our funeral home clients come from many different areas and competitive situations.  In all cases, they want to make sure that they are offering families what they need to make informed decisions about funeral service – informed decisions that conclude that their funeral home will be the funeral home of choice for more and more families. 

Some of the goals include:

To secure price lists from the competitors shopped.

To find out how they respond when the shopper suggests that she has spoken to another funeral home and was quoted a lower price for a similar service.

To secure samples of the printed materials the competitors send or give to families inquiring about prearranging.

To find out what price guarantees are being offered and what they cover. 

To assess presentation and follow up skills.

To assess how they position themselves with respect to other funeral homes in the area.

To find out what they offer regarding personalization and memorialization options.

To assess the responsiveness of their own staff when handling inquiries.


Once we identify the competitors and core issues we wish to learn about, we will create the “situation” that will best yield the information we are seeking.  

We will then telephone shop each firm, including your own, and use the same “approach” for all calls.  You will receive a transcript that summarizes the conversations, compares skills and collateral materials as well as price.


Every client receives a written report outlining each call  that summarizes  the competitive advantages and opportunities that are uncovered.

When the study is complete, we will help you analyze and compare the levels of service, the effectiveness of any collateral marketing materials, and pricing differences to ascertain what opportunities exist for improvement; what best practices there are for achieving competitive differentiation; and how to best position yourself as the funeral home of choice in your marketplace.  

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