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3 Reasons to Include Direct Mail in Your 2019 Marketing Plan

Published: November 14, 2018

While you’re working on your overall marketing plan for 2019, we recommend that you include direct mail in your budget. Direct mail for funeral homes is still very effective, in part because people enjoy receiving mail. In addition, it is easy to acquire valid addresses for people in your demographic target area.

Making a plan for your direct mail for the year will help you develop campaigns that are easy to administer and manage. You can follow up on preplanning leads as you have time. Here are three reasons to include direct mail as part of your funeral home’s marketing plan for 2019:

  1. Direct mail surveys still receive excellent response rates. These numbers haven’t changed, which means that sending surveys are still effective ways to collect preplanning leads. We think that is due to the fact that people actually look forward to receiving mail. They go to the mailbox and review each piece. Reply mail makes it easy for people to respond to your survey questions, which provides you with leads.
  2. Everyone can be reached via the mail. The demographics for preplanning a funeral includes people who are tech savvy as well as people who are not. With direct mail, you can reach both the younger part of the demographic that may be active online as well as the older portion that may not even have a computer. We send preplanning surveys to ages 50 up to age 99.
  3. Direct mail can be customized to your area, your business cycle and your resources. For example, it can be very useful to send 200 pieces a month to create a steady campaign that keeps leads coming your way. You could also send pieces only at slow times. The flexibility of direct mail makes following up on leads more manageable for you and your staff.

Maximizing the Budget
We can help you plan a cost-effective and manageable schedule for your mailings. One way you can make the most of a direct mail survey is by spreading mail drops out over the year. You’ll also want to schedule your mailings around estate planning seminars, preplanning lunch-and-learns and other events you participate in or host.

FAC Marketing has the in-house expertise in direct mail to help you create a direct mail plan that runs like clockwork. We’ll help you get organized so you can follow up on a steady flow of preplanning leads!

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