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4 Benefits of Newsletters from Your Funeral Home

Published: May 20, 2019

While newsletters may have waned from the interest of some marketers, the truth is, they are one of the best ways to achieve community building benefits on a regular basis. The value of newsletters as a relationship-building tool should not be underestimated when planning your marketing efforts.

Newsletters allow you to maintain a link to your families and potential families with regular communication created for your community. They’re educational and excellent for building awareness of your brand while also demonstrating your unique, caring service approach. You can hand them out as people attend a visitation or sign the guest book.

The articles in a newsletter can be crafted around a theme, or they can include a combination of articles and images about general community events, staff and your funeral home’s services. And newsletters can be given not only to families you’ve served, but also to potential families who will have a need in the future. Hand newsletters out at every service, and use them as takeaway information when speaking to groups or at estate planning seminars in your community.

Print or Email?

While some prefer a print newsletter, others lean toward eliminating the paper and sending the newsletter via email. Some choose to hand out the print newsletter and make the newsletter available online, too. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach. The print newsletter is more likely to be read and kept on hand until the recipient has a chance to read everything. However, the cost of printing continues to rise. An email newsletter allows you to easily link back to your website, which helps improve SEO. It is also very cost effective to deploy emails on a regular basis, making it possible to reach families in their homes more frequently.

FAC Marketing will look at your marketing mix to see if a digital newsletter or a print newsletter fits best for your community. A combination of the two can provide extra confidence that the newsletters are being read. The more mobile and internet-savvy your audience, the more likely it is that an email newsletter will be well received. As the years march on, we will continue to watch email responses to guide clients in developing the right marketing mix.

Newsletter Content

Your newsletter should include photos and information about your services and staff as well as interesting stories from your community. Nonprofit organizations you support can be featured, and we can include profiles of your staff members and funeral directors in a sidebar. The Caring & Sharing newsletter provides an example of our latest newsletter program. Grief content can also be developed to promote a follow-up grief program and to provide aftercare and emotional support for your families.

Benefits of a Funeral Home Newsletter

  1. Increase Awareness of Your Funeral Home or Crematory. What better way to increase awareness of your facilities and services than to send a newsletter on a regular schedule of 4 per year or 6 per year? This lands your branded newsletter in potential customers’ hands on a regular basis. A family may take your newsletter home from a visitation and have it sitting on their coffee table at their time of need, making it easier for them to choose your facility for their funeral services. When you choose an email newsletter, you can always share it on social media, where even more people can see it and share it.
  2. Educate Your Community. Newsletters are the perfect way to let people know what happens at a funeral as well as how you provide unique funeral and cremation services. You can provide the information people need to know about veterans’ benefits, honor guards, funeral processions, preplanning a funeral, cremation and so much more. Many funeral homes leverage their website content in the newsletter, editing and including links to key services pages. You can let your families know that you do much more than funerals, giving them many options at their time of need or during the preplanning process.
  3. Demonstrate Your Expertise. Conveying your caring, knowledgeable approach is easier in a newsletter than in other platforms such as ads and social media. A picture is worth a thousand words, and newsletters allow you to share photos of personalized services you have facilitated. Other ideas for demonstrating expertise of your funeral home include a “Did you know?” section where you answer FAQs about funerals, cremation, preplanning and so on. Again, your website may contain much of the content for your newsletter related to expert answers on topics related to funerals and cremation—leverage them.
  4. Build Goodwill. While you’re raising awareness and educating your community, you can also leverage your community service by telling people what organizations you support. A newsletter gives you a platform for this information that families may be compelled to keep on hand and show to friends. From hospice providers to veterans’ groups, your favorite nonprofit organizations will thank you as you help them tell their stories. Newsletter articles in this category can use images from the organization and quotes about why you choose to support its mission. Take it a step further and include images of you supporting the organization with a donation or by volunteering.

Here at FAC Marketing, we find newsletters to be a valuable and cost-effective part of an integrated marketing mix. These four benefits compel many funeral homes and crematories to continue or start a newsletter to keep in touch with families in their areas. Please let us know if you have questions about newsletters, and call us for a quote.

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