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Engagement on Facebook Increases Reach & Goodwill

Published: January 4, 2019

Many funeral homes and crematories ask us what good Facebook can do for them. Our answer to them is that having a quality Facebook presence helps build and foster community goodwill. One of the ways FAC Marketing achieves this is by encouraging engagement in the form of comments and shares. When people respond to posts (depending on their personal settings), Facebook shows a person’s responses and activity to others. This results in greater reach and awareness for your Facebook page.

Some examples of posts that encourage shares include those related to:

  • Charity and community events
  • Memorial services
  • Veterans services
  • Quotes about grief
  • Articles about the grieving process

Posts that experience good engagement in terms of comments include:

  • Obituaries
  • Staff birthdays
  • Grief related quotes and links
  • Events sponsored by the funeral home or crematory
  • Donations by the funeral home

Some of the most popular posts in terms of comments and likes relate to events and memorial services sponsored by the funeral home. We encourage our clients to let us know about any event they are sponsoring so we can post about it before and after the event.

We also find that many funeral homes experience good engagement during the last few months of year, when people are focused on doing good in their communities. One way we do this is through like campaigns that result in a donation to a nonprofit organization. With minimal effort, you can increase your following, which further leverages your investment in Facebook.

If you’re interested in learning more about Facebook, take a look at what we offer in our Social Media Management packages. Then, call us for details.

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