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3 Reasons to Record a Custom Message on Hold

Published: April 24, 2018

When people call your funeral home and crematory, do they always connect with a person? What happens when everyone is busy, or when the caller is put on hold? If all they hear is silence, you’re missing a prime opportunity to create your best first impression. That opportunity lies in the custom message on hold.

A custom on-hold message can provide the comforting, welcoming experience callers will appreciate. Here are three reasons you should ensure that your message on hold perfectly reflects how your funeral home can help individuals in your community.

1. Provide the compassion that is fitting with your brand.

A message on hold is the first thing many people may hear when they call. Customers should hear a soothing, pleasant voice that is easy to understand and has a compassionate tone. You can also include a calming mix of music with the voiceover to provide stress relief.

2. Represent your brand with quality recordings.

A suite of quality messages and music will provide the touch points you need to keep individuals engaged while waiting to connect with you and your staff. Our package of six 30-second messages with music will be customized to fit your brand, including your tagline, services and brand messaging.

3. Utilize on-hold messaging to raise awareness of preplanning, personalization and other services.

With a variety of recordings available in your on-hold system, customers can learn more about the benefits of preplanning or personalizing a memorial service. We can also write scripts to promote other types of expertise available from your funeral home, such as grief counseling and more.

Having a quality on-hold message program communicates your brand immediately to anyone who calls. It’s not just nice to have—it’s an important part of your brand. Let us help you stay on brand through a custom message on hold package.

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