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Relationship Building is Back & It's Still Important

Published: October 18, 2017



Marketing has always been about pinpointing the best way to find and communicate with your customers. According to Wikipedia, the term marketing was found in a 16th century dictionary, where it was defined as “buying and selling in a market”. That is a great place to start since people were buying, selling and building relationships in person back then.


Like most things in history, products, services and trends repeat themselves. Today’s prevalent Social Media takes us back to the market place to build relationships with our clients. We need to go where our clients are, and that is on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Popular Marketing Methods

Marketing has evolved as technology evolved.

1450 Print

1741 Magazine

1839 Posters

1867 Billboards

1922 Radio

1941 Television

1954 TV ads

1970 Telemarketing

1981 Computers 

1985 Explosion of Print

1990-1994     Cable TV is the largest ad medium

1995-2002     Internet Search Marketing (search products & services)

1998 Blogging emerges

2003 The Age of Inbound Marketing

2004 Social Media begins with LinkedIn, Myspace & Facebook

2010 Email Marketing

2012 Businesses begin budgeting for social media marketing


Today, Social Media Marketing reflects the concepts of the early market place: Communicating, building relationships, buying and selling. We can do all of that and more on social media platforms such as Facebook.


First, we have to know where your clients and community members are connecting online.


81% of adults are on social media

Facebook has the highest number of daily users out of all social media at 76%

The Facebook mobile app has 114 million users

How Can You Maximize the Potential of Facebook? 


Our specialized Facebook programs are helping funeral homes and crematories reach out to them through the positive, visually engaging posts we make on your behalf. Please contact us for details about our cost-effective Social Media Management packages.

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