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Radio is Far from Dead

Published: March 1, 2018

There are rumors going around that radio advertising is a waste of money, but radio is far from dead. The statistics from Nielsen and Pew prove it!


According to this News Generation article, radio is the leading reach platform. Millions of Americans listen to the radio each and every week—265 million to be exact! The research shows that all generations listen in, with the most popular formats being country, news/talk radio and pop stations.


The Baby Boomers and Gen X were brought up on radio, and it’s a hard habit to break! They still tune in, accounting for more than 100 million listeners, solidifying radio as a valid advertising option for funeral homes and crematories.


We encourage funeral directors to consider radio as part of their overall marketing plan and can help you write and produce a great radio spot promoting preplanning, personalized funerals, cremation and other services you provide.

Listen to a few examples of radio spots now.


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