Q: What is one of the simplest ways to keep your funeral home name in front of prospective families?

A: A newsletter!

FAC Marketing has revamped our quarterly newsletter, giving it a fresh new look and loading it with valuable content. Our newsletter service puts your name and contact information in the hands of families who then keep it on their coffee table, refrigerator or next to their favorite chair.


Caring & Sharing: Insights and ideas for your family  Newsletter

Caring & Sharing: Insights and Ideas for your family, is a quarterly newsletter that has a focus on the value of funeral service. Each issue contains important articles about the value of all aspects of funeral service. We consider this marketing tool a soft sell because you are supplying your families with important information instead of directly trying to sell them a service. They will appreciate your knowledge and begin to see you as an influencer in your industry.

Caring & Sharing: Insights and Ideas for Your Family is designed to be handed to families at various functions at your funeral home. It’s a very personable and hands-on way to interact with people that come across your threshold. Families can leave with a memorial card and your newsletter.  Caring & Sharing: Insights and Ideas for Your Family  has articles in addition to the value of funeral service that are designed to be relevant and entice people to hold on to your newsletter.

Reach Out to Your Community

Competitor's Families

The newsletter program helps you get in front of competitor’s families. This allows them to become familiar with your funeral home before they need funeral services. Those families with “soft” loyalties will begin to think of you as their funeral home.

Non-Committed Families

Up to 40% of any given population may not have a funeral home preference, or even be familiar with any funeral home in their area. By utilizing the newsletter you create name recognition with these families, becoming the only funeral home they think of and remember.

Your Families

One funeral director said it best, “I am building a wall of loyalty around my own families which makes it almost impossible for my competitor’s to break through.” The newsletter further strengthens your families’ loyalty.


Clergy see this investment as a commitment you are making to their congregations. They are thankful for the education and communication that the newsletter provides. Because of this great service, they will think of you first and recommend your services.

Increased name recognition and commitment means you increase your market share and pre-need business!

Let FAC Marketing Take Care of All the Details

We research and write articles that appeal to your target market. We also include one custom article that highlight your funeral home, staff, services and special events.  

We design the newsletter with your funeral home address, phone number and web site on the cover.  We can add pictures of your funeral home, funeral directors or staff.  

We print the newsletter on top quality paper using full color to make your newsletter a valuable document to read and save.


Caring & Sharing: Insights and ideas for your family Newsletter

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