Lead generation programs like direct mail and seminars can be extremely effective for increasing consumer awareness about funeral planning, bringing families into your funeral home, and growing  and protecting market share through increased pre-arrangements.  

So many of our clients used to feel that direct mail was expensive.   They would tell us that after spending money to mail surveys, and getting lots of responses, that very few people actually called them to make an appointment.  However, we must remember that for many people, making an appointment to visit with a funeral director can be intimidating on many levels. 

What happens when your direct mail piece reaches the home of someone who we all know should be thinking about pre-planning?  Many people do complete the survey.  And they even mail it back to us.  And they do request some information.  And then they cross it off their to-do list because they’ve satisfied the mental obligation to look into it.  And for them, that’s enough for now.  And we get it!  

Most people need some encouragement to go to the next step and actually make an appointment to sit down with a member of your staff to talk about funeral arrangements for themselves or for a loved one.  It’s something that can be very difficult for most of us.  Our job is to follow up with those who express an interest to help them develop a relationship with us, get their questions answered, and feel comfortable enough to come in and visit with us so that we can help them complete the plans they need to make.  And then they can actually feel the peace of mind of knowing that they’ve taken care of what had once loomed as something to care of sometime in the future.  But they need our help in order to get there.

Our lead management program provides that help.  

Our lead managers are trained not as appointment setters, but as valued members of your team who understand that they are performing a very important public relations task for the funeral home they represent.  They understand the benefits of meeting with a funeral director or counselor and are trained to communicate the value of that meeting to families who reply to your direct mail piece.   They are trained to treat each and every person they speak to with dignity and respect, while at the same time, encouraging them to think about their needs and to meet with your staff to get their questions answered, better understand their options, and find out about costs.  They are relationship managers!  

We strongly encourage you to make sure that you have a process in place for following up on the responses to your direct mail program; otherwise direct mail probably isn’t the right solution for your funeral home.  

Ask for more information about this exciting program designed to help you get the best results from your lead management program today.

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